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Using Electric Oven to Heat the House

During winter, keeping one's home heated is very important since this can directly affect one's health. A cold home can be uncomfortable and may increase the risk of circulatory diseases, viral infection and serious mental health issues.

The ideal home temperature ranges from 18-21 degrees Celsius or 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit and this can be attained through the use of various heating methods such as:


  1. Electric Heat Pumps - It is a great alternative to air conditioners and furnaces and is considered to be energy-efficient.
  2. Fireplaces - This is the old fashion way of heating one's home but is no longer recommended due to environmental preservation efforts.
  3. Radiant Heating System - A heating system that circulates warm water in the tubes under the floor. It is considered to be the most efficient but installation is very expensive and requires an expert to do the job. It is also very easy to manage and control.
  4. Hot Water Baseboard System - This involves heating elements in metal pipes with aluminum fins to help in heat transfer. The process heats up the air within the heater and spreading it across the room.

However, in cases of emergency that these primary heating methods do not work, have you ever thought about using the electric oven to heat the house?

using electric oven to heat house

For emergency reasons, you can definitely use the electric oven to heat the house since it is safer to turn it on for a longer period of time compared to a gas-fired oven which is very dangerous to the health.

Contrary to the popular belief, electric ovens do not pose a potential risk of carbon monoxide poisoning since only those who use gas or fuel such as gas burners produce carbon monoxide.

To start heating the house, just leaving electric oven door open for heat. Just be mindful of possible overheating due to prolonged usage which may cause a fire. This will also cause the decrease in the lifespan of the appliance/ oven.

Since electric ovens are not intended for space heating. One of the disadvantages of using the electric oven to heat the house is that it will consume more energy to be able to serve the purpose.

On the average, electric ovens use more than 1,500 watts while electric space heaters use approximately 500 watts only. Keep in mind that the higher the energy consumption, the higher the electricity bill. So, this option is not really cost-efficient.

Thus, the use of the electric oven to heat the house should be the last resort while gas ovens should never be used to heat the house due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

In the US, accidental inhalation and prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning where more than 10,000 cases are reported annually. Using gas oven to heat house will poison the indoor air, and make all family feel uncomfortable

In cases of emergencies, one may also consider the using an indoor propane heater or a wood stove for heat.

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